Monday, 29 August 2016

How to stay motivated

So in this blog post, I thought I would chat about how to stay motivated when life gets crazy. I always get asked this question seeing that I am always busy with a 150 different things at one time, but don’t get me wrong I sometimes struggle to follow my own advise, but it’s always good to have a guideline to go to whenever you do lose the plot slightly.
Time Management
This is one thing I am really bad at. I manage my time horribly and end up doing most of the things at the last minute. But I have a husband that is an absolute time management nut, whenever we out doing things he will always remind me that we cannot stay too long as we need to finish an assignment or study etc. I must say that sometimes it does upset me, but it has made me a much more organised person and I feel less stressed that when I do things in a rush! Make sure you plan your day, the night before and set out the tasks and time you allocate to each day. By doing this you would be able to have fun and be productive in one go.
Planning ahead
I know I have touched on this slightly in the above point, but I cannot stress this enough! I little bit of planning really does go along way. Find ways to make your life much easier. Work hard, but also work smart. Doing the same thing over & over is an absolute time waste, which you could have used more wisely. Some people prefer to write down the tasks they need to complete, I prefer setting a to do list pop up on my phone in the form of a alarm to alert me of things I need to complete during the day!

Set Goals and Smash them
I have learned that setting a goal is easy; it’s smashing it that’s the difficult part. It requires a lot of hard work, motivation and persistence. Make a list of the small goals first and then make a list of the bigger goals. When I’m referring to small goals I really mean set a goal of something that you can do right now that will ultimately benefit your big goal. For example why not decide today to be more organised and put effort into it to see it through. This small goal will assist the big goal. By you being more organised you will be able to do more in less the amount of time or even be able to work more efficiently and be more productive in one go.

Just don’t STOP
This is one of my favourite quotes. It’s simple and to the point. Just don’t stop! I have been full time employed for 7years in 3 different job roles, and 5 years I’ve been studying on and off. At this point I feel like it’s an endless rollercoaster road that’s never going to end, and many a times I thought about just quitting. But now I live by the saying. No matter how slow you are going just don’t STOP. When I look back at those times that I wanted to quit, I probably would have made such a huge mistake. Right now I’m so close to the end, and will eventually obtain my Degree in Marketing Management, it takes a long time, loads of sacrifice but its fine I know it will be worth it at the end.

Move past disappointments & setbacks
This is such a tough one, many a times you put on your BIG GIRL panties and put yourself out there in order to achieve a goal, and then a disappointment or setback happens. This is happen to me too many times to mention, a job a applied for that I knew I would be great at, but just didn’t get or people not quiet understanding your capabilities and under estimating what you are about and what you can do. But these were such great life lessons. My plan is always have a big cry and move on. I believe that having a good cry really does cleanse the soul and renews you for to plot and plan the next move you want to make. Failure is not bad, its lessons you will learn and grow from.

Keep the end in mind
This is usually one of the things people tend to forget the quickest when setting goals. Every-time I feel like the pace getting bad and things getting to much, I remind myself of the end. My end would look different to your end. What I want to achieve could be different to what you would want to achieve. Create a scrap book and or a online folder and tick off as you go along. This would then create a visual reminder of what you want to achieve and make your goals feel so much more tangible. I have created a Pinterest folder of all the places I would like to travel to one day and when I feel the motivation is slightly dimming I'll flip through the images and it will rekindle the reasons why I want to work even harder to achieve what I have set out for myself.

Now that I have shared with you ways, I have stayed motivated when life gets crazy. Share with me some of your own tips and tricks.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

NEW! Revlon Unforgettable Encounter

So yesterday I was sent, probably the most thoughtful gift ever by Revlon. It was such a personalised press drop. Social media was all a buzz about the “Revlon unforgettable encounter eu de toilette” launch.
In 1991 Revlon launched the iconic UNFORGETTABLE scent. Twenty- five years on, it remains one of SA’s top selling fragrances. Now, Revlon reinvigorates the iconic Unforgettable brand via new brand positioning a complete contemporary yet classic packaging transformation and an addiction to the Unforgettable collection- the NEW Unforgettable Encounter fragrance.
What makes an encounter unforgettable? It’s a coming together of ‘x’ factors that go beyond what we see with our eyes-our hearing sharpens, eyes widen, skin flushes slightly, our body tingles, pulse races lips part and our nostrils flare as we breathe deeply. We experience this ignition of all our senses with the electric spark of recognition that this is a moment like no other.
Key Fragrance Notes:
This heady floral-chypre fragrance is a sensual encounter between romantic rose and passionate peach, wrapped in the warm embrace of violet and white musk.
-Enticingly edible fruity top notes draw him in like a bee to a flower. Sweetly sensual peach with nectarine and the juicy freshness of litchi
-The intriguing core of flowers makes him linger, then delivers an enticing surprise. Voilet and rose reveal the romantic heart, while the fresh surprise of pineapple makes the close encounter out of the ordinary
-Seductive wood leaves a lasting impression that is of course Unforgettable

The Bottle:
The timelessly elegant square column and golden juice enhances any boudoir beautifully

The updated Unforgettable collection now comprises of:
Unforgettable Original
Unforgettable YOU
NEW! Unforgettable Encounter

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Happy Place: Stylebar

So on Sunday past I went to Stylebar to get my hair done as per usual. But the one thing that was definitely not as per usual was the fact that I actually wanted it blow dried straight for a change! Yep that sounds pretty much how it’s supposed to be. But in all honesty it’s really been awhile since last time I have had my hair blow dried my hair straight at a salon. Don't get me wrong I love my natural bushy curls, but I love the versatility of still being able to do it both. 
Stylebar is literally my happy place. It’s the space I get to block out the world for a good couple of hours, catch up with girl talk, coffee and get some much needed pampering.
I am completely obsessed with the products they have been using on my hair. The Aroma range is nothing short of amazing and this NAK ultimate treatment did absolute wonders. 
My signature grey/charcoal colour was applied and a sleek blow out added. Ah may I add the complimentary head massage is probably one of best things in the world.... oh and coffee, lets not forget about the COFFEE!
My hair was so so soft after the wash and blowdry. I could hardly even believe that it was the same person. So as I left the salon, CPT was pouring outside and I literally ran from the salon to my car in a heavy downpour & tried to snap a picture before the CPT rain got hold of my sleek hair x
Big THANKS to Stylebar, for always being so courteous and professional at all times. The Stylebar team is so passionate about hair and what they do- after having such a bad streak with previous salons they are really such an absolute breath of fresh air. 

If you want professional hair advice or want to book an appointment, go to to find a salon closest to you!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Hisense Infinity KO

So I got the opportunity about 3 weeks ago to give the new Hisense Infinity KO a test run. 
Off the back I was really impressed with the how sturdy and protective this phone is. Upon receiving it I was literally looking for 2 minutes to find the port to enter the charger cable and really just couldn't find it. I then went to the manual and saw that the port was covered by a sliding metal on the side of the phone to protect against water and dust. I really thought this was really cool, as I usually hate trying to remove a buildup of dust that gets caught in the usual tiny grooves of a device. 
Camera capabilities:
One of the 1st things that gets me when thinking of purchasing a phone is definitely the camera capabilities. I mean we live in a day an age whereby everything needs to be photographed. The Hisense Infinity KO has an awesome 13MP for the Main camera which upon taking quite a few images, it came out clear and crisp. Just the way we bloggers like it & the LED light was a pleasant treat when needed. However the secondary camera did slightly disappoint, as taking a selfie with a 5MP camera in a poorly lit room was not a great effort at all. So for camera capabilities i'm rating it a 3 out of 5. 
The physical dimentions of the device is 144mm x 72.1mm x 8.6mm & fitted perfectly into my hand at 5.0 inches. The device hosts Ram capacity of about 3GB and storage memory of about 32GB.
Hisense Infinity KO- T&C: With all ports firmly closed, the mobile phone can withstand a low pressure water spray from any direction. The IP67 rating indicates that the mobile phone is capable of being submerged under pure water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Please note that the mobile phone was not designed for frequent underwater operation, it should only be used under the specific requirements indicated by the IP67 rating. Damage resulting from improper usage as indicated in the instructions is the user’s responsibility. Remember to firmly close all covers before exposing your smartphone to water or dust.

I played around with some of the features and functions on the phone & it's quite a 
competent piece of technology! It gets the job done and is great value for money.

For more product info check out:

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Limited Edition “Bold Softness” by CATRICE

Spring 2016 welcomes a mixture of voluminous lightness and greyish pastels. High- tech materials such as light neoprene are combined with summery fabrics. Loose cuts with partially androgynous shapes take over from the styles of the spring season and offer inspiration with their soft, chalky colour worlds. The Limited Edition “Bold Softness” by CATRICE is also heading into the spring season with soft sorbet nuances in August 2016. Subtle colour graduation in mint and mauve create feminine make-up looks and offer an exciting contrast to the popular genderless-trend. The creamy Voluminous Lip Colours, available in a choice of soft pink or bold red, offer an enticing change to the otherwise pastel colour scheme. Further highlights include the powder Duo Eye Shadow, the multicolour Colour Correcting Powder as well as the Perfume Stick with a fresh-tangy fragrance. Soft Spring – by CATRICE.
 Bold Softness by CATRICE – Colour Correcting Powder
All for One. Multi-coloured powder with a mosaic pattern for a colour-balancing effect: while beige-rosé mattifies and refreshes tired-looking skin, green battles redness and violet captures the light. The result: a flawless complexion. The Colour Correcting Powder comes in a high-quality white packaging with an integrated mirror. Ideal for on the go. Available in C01 Correction 'n Perfection. Around R69,95*.
 Bold Softness by CATRICE – Duo Eye Shadow
Wash-off Pastels. Three powder eye shadows present three different colour duos. Each with one lighter and one darker nuance, they conjure-up contrasting shades and effects on the eyelids. Available in a choice of mint, rosé pink and mauve, these eye shadows offer a convincing high pay-off and create soft, feminine eye make-up styles. Available in C01 VoluMINTous, C02 Mauve Medley and C03 Soft PINKmentation. Around R69,95*.
 Bold Softness by CATRICE – Voluminous Lip Colour
Break in Style. An elegant contrast to the delicate pastel shades in this edition: the two Voluminous Lip Colours – available in a soft pink or an intensive red – ensure medium coverage and a shiny finish for a conscious touch of colour on the lips. The creamy texture feels wonderfully soft and pleasant. Available in C01 NeopRED and C02 Bold PINKmentation. Around R79,95*.
“Bold Softness” by CATRICE will be available in Dis-Chem Pharmacies from
August 2016 until stocks last.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dove: #BeautyAtEveryAge

I must say outright that Dove always comes up with the best “Feel Good” campaigns & this one is no different. When I saw the #BeautyAtEveryAge hashtag floating around social media it really made me think about woman and their age. I'm 26 and sometimes I really do not want to quite say it out loud. Simply because at times I feel that I have not achieved enough and don't want people to judge me base on that. Oh she's 26 and have not completed her degree yet, while some 23 year old's are willy nilly  moving onto there 2nd degree etc Age is a tough thing as so many things are associated with it. 

I think for such a long time, woman of all ages and of all walks of life, have found the ever stagnant question of “How old are you” rather difficult to answer. According new global research conducted by Dove, only 10 percent of woman are proud to reveal the age they are and often conceal their real age.

Dove with this new campaign wants to encourage woman to ask themselves why these numbers have such control over their lives and to share how their age makes them feel. 
Most women recoil when asked how old they are, as they believe that revealing their age can influence how people perceive their beauty. The pressure from society to keep looking younger is so great that a staggering quarter of all women feel judged on how old they look by the people around them. Age is a source of anxiety for all women, which generally peaks in their early thirties, but is felt as early as in their teens. How Old Are You? raises the question about when women start to feel anxious about their age. The film shows girls proudly stating their age while women avoid the question.

Be Your Beautiful Self
By asking women How Old Are You, Dove invites women to consider how they feel when they reveal their age and the impact this has on them every day. See the film at and join the conversation at #BeautyAtEveryAge. Visit Dove’s Facebook page here or follow @Dove_ZA on Twitter for more information.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


In the spirit of Women's Month, Foschini is running a ‪#‎WeSaluteYou‬ competition. You and 4 friends could win tickets to the Foschini summer yacht party. Whoop Whoop! Foschini salutes you and all women, now we’re asking you to do the same.

Competition entry details:
-Share a picture and story of the inspirational woman in your life on Facebook or Instagram and tag Foschini.
- @FoschiniFashion on Facebook or @FoschiniSA on Instagram
- Remember to add the #WeSaluteYou tag.

Read T&C: here

Good Luck!